A Window Seat

Find a good spot in front of your favorite window. What do you see? Write about the view—this can be a description of what’s unfolding right now, or you can branch off into a fictional reality. Maybe the window is open and sounds, smells, and a breeze are slipping in; maybe there are people in the street, maybe it’s empty. Either way, record the moment.

From the window I can see out of at my station on a brown love seat, I can only see the house behind us and the fence that separates us. I don’t know those neighbors but I know the dogs that bark for hours every night and often throughout the day. I’ve stopped letting my puppy run free in the yard, because those dogs continue to dig a hole under that fence and try to terrorize her. I got a large exercise pen for her to get her more used to crate living, and I put it in the middle of the yard where I can see it from this window and my bedroom window so I know she’s okay. It reminds me of the days when my son was in a pack and play and I watched him from the baby monitor. It soothes me to see my little ones in their own element, doing whatever they like to do without anyone watching.

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